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Tim Barry

Tim Barry "Laurel St. Demo 2005 & Live at Munford Elementary" LP/CD

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Chunksaah Records reissue of Tim Barry "Laurel St. Demo 2005 & Live at Munford Elementary School" together on one release. Original versions of these recordings came out in different formats over the years that eventually went out of print. They are once again available on one LP thanks to Chunksaah Records.

Track LIsting
"Laurel St. Demo 2005"
Idle Idylist
Sorrow Floats
Gumshoe Andy
No News from North
Ain't Right Sure
Sagacity Gone
Church of Level Track
Carolina's RV
"LIve at Munford Elementary School"
Hey Lolly (by Woody Guthrie)
Shoulda Oughta (Munford Style)
This Land is Your Land (By Woody Guthrie)