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Tim Barry

Tim Barry "Raising Hell & Living Cheap - Live in Richmond" 2xLP/CD

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My good friend and recording mentor Lance Koehler of Minimum Wage Studio in Richmond, Virginia did a four channel recording of a show I played at The Camel when I was nearing the end of a six month tour cycle last year. I was not aware the show was being recorded for an album making this a truly authentic release.

1. Dog Bumped
2. Driver Pull Intro*
3. Driver Pull*
4. 40 Miler*
5. This November Intro
6. This November
7. Walk 500 Miles Intro
8. Walk 500 Miles
9. Fine Foods Market
10. South Hill
11. Church of Level Track
12. Idle Idylist*
13. Downtown VCU
14. Exit Wounds*
15. Ronnie Song Intro
16. Ronnie Song
17. Thing of the Past
18. Avoiding Catatonic Surrender

*Songs played in the crowd